Go Dive Tasmania

Argyle St 67, 7000, Hobart
Argyle St 67
7000, Hobart
(03) 6231 9749

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Go Dive Tasmania: Reviews

5/5 (50 Reviews)
Zoe 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: We had an incredible weekend with our instructor Richard for our open water dive course! Richard is extremely knowledgeable and encouraging, he made us all feel super comfortable. I can’t recommend godive tas more. Thanks Richard!!

Rupert Mullins 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: Great instructors and great course. Would highly recommend.

Scott Bridges 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: The Go Dive team were great in setting me up for this course. Richard our instructor was so helpful during each of our dives learning each skill or safety scenario. Highly recommended.

Jacob Fisher 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: Finished our PADI open water course today and was stoked to have done it with Go dive. Was a lot of fun and well taught, the professionalism and guidance made me feel in very safe hands, and that I was really learning the skills necessary to scuba. Big shout out to our instructor Nic (and Ash!) who not only had great advice and patience, but also knew their zooanthids from their zooids. Strongly recommend, Cheers!

Finn Pedersen 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: The guys who run the shop are awesome. Our instructor, Nick, for the open water course was super friendly, professional, and supportive. And…dolphins!

Celine Müller 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: Very nice dive center. The people are super friendly and helpfull. They put a lot of effort in the wishes of the customer. You can rent a dive guide what I would recommand because they know so much about all the animals and dive sites. There is a lodge where you can stay the day bevor your dive or there is also space for motorhomes. If you wan‘t you‘ll get to use their bbq place and toilet… Highly recommand diving with these guys!

Eleonora Contini 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: Double boat dive with dive guide Nick. Amazing time in the water, plenty of interesting sea creatures and anemones and highlight of the day - dive in a giant kelp forest! Nick is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, he really was a great guide. Totally recommend the shop.

Kate Brown 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: Completed my open water this weekend, what an amazing experience, the dives especially day 2, was nothing like I could have imagined, both Matt and Nick, we're extremely knowledgeable, and made us all comfortable and enjoyed every second of it, definitely the best course in Tassie

Chris Pedro Ivan Bakon 8 months ago

Fantastic experience: Just completed another course with Go Dive and had a really good time. Richard was the instructor and gave myself some confidence to tackle the course and complete it in a fun way. Highly recommend

arezoo heydari 10 months ago

Fantastic experience: Shout out to Richard McGuire, and the whole Go Dive Tasmania for such a wonderful under water experience. If you are still thinking about signing up for PADI Open water dive in winter, I should say do it right now cause you won’t get even slightly cold, but you get to see seahorse and sea dragons more clearly.

Jake Mcintyre 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Myself and my partner recently completed the PADI Open Water dive course with Go Dive Tasmania and it was an incredible experience! As a beginner, we had no idea what to expect but we were was excited to try scuba diving. The course was the perfect way to learn all the necessary skills and techniques thoroughly. Our instructor, Pete, was an excellent teacher with a wealth of knowledge and a lot of patience. He made sure we understood every concept and skill before moving on to the next, ensuring that we were comfortable and confident with our abilities. He also made the course fun and enjoyable, which made it easier to learn. During our boat dives, Aaron joined us as the driver, and he was fantastic! He brought a lot of positive energy and was incredibly helpful. His assistance and encouragement gave us the confidence we needed to enjoy our dives and focus on the incredible underwater world we were exploring plus we grabbed a few golf balls from the sea floor as well. Overall, I would highly recommend Go Dive Tasmania for anyone interested in scuba diving. The course was well-organized, informative, and a lot of fun. Pete and Aaron were both excellent instructors who went above and beyond to ensure our safety, comfort, and enjoyment throughout the course. I can't wait to go diving with them again!

Tim Castano 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Just finished my open water dive course, had an absolute great time. Instructors were great with people that were aprohensive about issues during the course, they treated every one with dignity, no one felt left out & their knowledge was way above standard. Everything was explained so when I was underwater I knew exactly what was being conveyed. I cannot recommend this course enough. Just get your friends together, do a course & start diving 6 ⭐️

Justin Bennetts 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Just finished a open water course and was impressed with the professionalism and experience of the teaching crew. Also great experience getting set up with all my gear, the retail staff were knowledgeable and happy to talk me though the gear options.

Bernard Cane 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: These guys are the best. We did the PADI open water dive course with Aaron instructing. Clear, practical, fun. Has given us the confidence to get out there for ourselves!

Brodie Jastremski 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: WOW! What an amazing adventure the Open Water PADI Diving course was! i have a huge fear of open water but during this course i have never felt more comfortable! the guys are happy to go as quick or as slow as you need to get you through your course! Could not be happier with the service and knowledge these guys gave us Thank you so much Go Dive Tasmania i will be back for another Tassie dive soon!

Alice Pemberton 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: I just completed my PADI Open Water dive course and I had no idea what to expect going in I just knew I wanted to try scuba diving. The course was a perfect way to learn all of the skills thoroughly and Pete was a great instructor he had a wealth of knowledge and patience! On our boat dives Jordan joined to drive and he was fantastic! Jordan brought so much positive energy and was so helpful especially when I needed help with my gear and getting in the water he made it so easy for me and even put my flippers on!

Anto Nella 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Diving store near the CBD with plenty of equipment available, you can also sign in for courses with different levels of difficulty and duration. Friendly staff making sure all questions are answered :) I recommend.

Andres Perez 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: My partner and I were slightly anxious since this was our first time scuba diving, but Pete did an amazing job rehearsing the basics and guiding us throughout the whole dive. Would definitely recommend. Gracias, Pete!

Brendan Moon 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Would recommend. The Open water course was a breeze under the care of Aaron, Bridget and our groups diving instructor Paddy. Saw some epic stuff and learnt some pretty sweet skills. Definitely gonna be diving regularly.

ellen weeding 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: The guys at Go Dive are absolute legends! Had an awesome 2 weekends doing the PADI open waters. Our instructor Maryanne made the experience so much fun and supported us all to get the most out of our Dives. Highly recommend!!

Stephen Cameron 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Had an awesome time last weekend with Go Dive and our students on an Open Water Scuba course. Aaron and the crew are friendly and accommodating instructors who really know their stuff, all their equipment we hire is top notch quality stuff and they have extensive local knowledge of all the best dive spots in virtually any weather conditions which they take you to in purpose built dive boat. Tassie is an amazing place to dive, and if you want to access it or do scuba training here you can be confident that Go Dive will look after you and you'll have a great time.

Chris 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Go Dive Hobart were great. Jacob was flexible with my last minute fit out due to travel distances. Peter was a brilliant Dive Instructor, with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and Zach was a great Skipper for our ocean dives. Loved every second of it and excited to book my advanced course when more dates become available. The others on the course alongside me made it that much more enjoyable, and I hope to dive with you again soon!

Justin G 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Great experience completing the Open Water course with Go Dive. Matt Testoni was a great instructor and created a perfect learning environment. In the shop, Aaron provided great advice and helped to get me kitted out, thanks heaps for the great service !

Isabela Izidro 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Excellent service!! From the shop to the course the guys look after you and make you enjoy diving as much as they do! Just completed the open water dive course and I am very happy with the new skills I learnt. The instructor makes you feel comfortable and safe, which helps to build up my confidence doing something completely new for me. I am definitely coming back to do more courses and get my dive gears! Big thanks to Aaron, Richard and Peter.

James Brady 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Just completed the open water dive course down at eaglehawk neck and had an amazing experience. Had no idea what to expect and have never attempted scuba diving before, but that has all changed now and can't wait for my next dive. I couldn't possibly recommend this course highly enough, it is suitable for people of all ages and skill levels, and an excellent oppotunity to see some stunning sights below (and above) the water's surface down on the peninsula. Also our instructor Matt was an absolute legend, and passed on his enthusiasm for all things ocean and diving on to us.

Will Marsham 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Amazing crew with new dives everywhere. Some amazing sites. Highly recommend booming with them

Jen Pelham 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Completed the Open Water course with Go Dive crew. They have an incredibly supportive team of instructors. Thank you to Richard, Dave and Aaron for making me feel confident diving and having fun along the way. I had some nerves and couldnt find it in myself to complete the 18m dive. Richard and Aaron were very empathetic and with their encouragement (and reshedueling) I was able to complete it another day. I'm now addictive to diving and love seeing Jacob in the shop. He's super friendly and makes hiring gear quick and easy. I Highly recommend doing any course through Go Dive, the crew make the experience all that more amazing.

Warwick Muir 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: If you are planning to do your dive course look no further, these guys are amazing. From the shop staff to the instructors, amazing. Matt and Pete were awesome, chilled but super knowledgeable and I learned heaps. Thanks for an amazing weekend.

Grant Mannix 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Did the "Open water dive" course a few weeks back, was waiting a bit to see how the after service was before leaving a review. Experience wise I'd done some test dives overseas and was very hesitant at the time with doing a diving course and was very unsure of which company to go with. I feel like I met almost everyone at GoDive, in the shop and out in the field and on the phone. Staff in every scenario were super friendly and supportive. I fully recommend this Team. Since doing my course I've visited the store a number of times and experienced over and beyond the normal customer service. Thanks for helping me get certificate GoDive and answering my "newbie" questions.

Calen Jeffery 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: I have just completed a PADI Open Water course, and could not recommend Aaron and the Go Dive team enough. The course was fantastic from start to finish. All instructors and staff were professional, knowledgeable and supportive. If you are thinking about doing a dive course, then look no further.

1tinylove 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Go dive Tasmania are great. We did our Open Water Dive course with Aaron and Richard and have been back to hire gear from them too. They are professional and very knowledgeable of diving and the area. In the shop, Jacob will happily sort you out with gear as well as give tips and advice. If you’re diving in Tasmania, these are the guys to go through!

Bradley Jackson 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Recently did my padi open water with go dive Hobart. Highly recommend, there are other dive shops in Hobart that can do a similar course for cheaper. The amount of time and effort that go dive put into me as an individual is extremely good value for money. I got Matt and Richard as instructors the knowledge and experience they have, made it easy for me to get out of my comfort zone. Over the three day course. I did not only learn a great deal about scuba diving. i Also learnt a lot about the ocean. Really look forward to continuing my diving with go dive Hobart.

Hi there 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Did the PADI course. The guys at Go Dive are legends and know their stuff making the learning experience heaps of fun. Despite it being a little chilly weather wise the kit was all great keeping you warm enough to appreciate the beauty of the world 18m under water.

Hannah McCleary 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: I just completed my PADI Open Water dive certification with Go Dive and had an amazing experience! All of the instructors were awesome, took time to make sure everyone was comfortable and didn’t hesitate to assist when anyone needed a little extra help or encouragement. Thanks so much Richard, Aaron, Matt, Peter and the rest of the amazing team at Go Dive for the best introduction to diving, can’t wait to get back in the water!!

Eduardo esquivel 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Maybe the best place in Hobart to get your open water certification; great team, instructors were really patient and kind with us, great location, and above all we enjoyed our first diving experience thanks to them. We are going to take the next certification with them Thanks guys for doing a terrific job.

Anadele Paparousis 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: I cannot thank the Go Dive team enough for the awesome experience last weekend. My partner was super keen to do the PADI open water course and I had never in my wildest dreams thought I'd have the courage to ever attempt scuba diving. I get anxious in small spaces and hate feeling stuck or out of control. My first breaths underwater in the initial pool dive freaked me out! Rest assured Pete was right there assisting and providing encouragement until I was comfortable with it all. Once we got to the second weekend I was spooked again haha! Our instructor Aaron was fun, energetic and super awesome at providing professional guidance and support especially to those that were requiring some extra help. I not only got to become comfortable with being underwater for almost 40 minutes, I passed the course AND I also got to see a Weedy Sea Dragon. I loved everything about it and highly recommend to anyone and everyone!!!

Jonathon Kaimatsoglu 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: i completed the padi open water dive course with the team from Go Dive Tasmania last weekend. i cant speak highly enough about the team from the service in store, after sale service and the course its self. having only dived a couple of times on a compressor and snorkelling previously the instructors made the transition to scuba easy with a crazy amount of knowledge and making it fun and relaxing all while running a very professional and safe course. I highly recommend going to see the team at Go dive.

Makani Great 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Open water course: The team at Go Dive were brilliant from start to finish. From walking in the store to loan gear to signing off the final paperwork upon completion, everything was made crystal clear, no matter how long it took to understand. Every member of the team that we met was helpful, friendly and professional. If you want to learn to dive properly in some amazing locations, Go Dive Tasmania is the one.

Jess Swart 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: Everytime I walk in Go Dive Tasmania shop I am warmly welcomed by either Aaron, Angus, Bridget or Jacob. They always take the time to answer all of my questions and share their passion for diving by suggesting the best dive sites wherever I plan to go. The PADI Open Water course they offered was run seamlessly and the instructor Richard made me feel very comfortable even when I was struggling to complete underwater skills. The team was proactive by checking in on the students a week before the course start to make sure the online learning was completed and we had the right gear. The team members at Go Dive Tasmania go out of their way to enhance your diving experience and are always friendly and smiling.

Richard Gilmour 2 years ago

Fantastic experience: I just did my open water training with Go Dive. Aaron and his team are truly professional, incredibly knowledgeable and supportive instructors, and provide a first class experience. If your thinking about getting certified, want to do a dive charter or need advice on new dive gear, then look no further. I really can not recommend these guys enough

Miki McKnight 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: I did my open water scuba course through Go Dive Tasmania and it was such an amazing experience! The instructors were all lovely and very professional and made the whole weekend heaps of fun. When in store, the advice given is exceptional and you know they want you to get the best bang for your buck with great recommendations based on quality and functionality rather than directing you to the most expensive products. Hiring gear is super easy and painless, and I love going in store for a chat about the best dive locations! Lovely people, great service!

Stephanie Wilson 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: Just finished an open water diving course with these guys and it was beyond incredible. Aaron was such a wonderful instructor. He is incredibly kind, patient and gave as all so much confidence in ourselves. His passion for what he does really shows and I've truly finished this course feeling inspired, motivated and confident underwater. Can't wait to continue my diving journey and come back to do my advanced! Thank you Aaron you legend!!!!! Steph ☺️

rhys hannan 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: I'd always been afraid of scuba diving and wanted to overcome that so I could fully enjoy the amazing coastline Tasmania has to offer. Aaron, Pete and Jacob at Go Dive couldn't have made me feel more comfortable and capable of completing the Open Water course. So much so I may go back for Advanced Open Water! The crew are knowledgeable, friendly, chilled and highly experienced. A big thanks to the boys for a great weekend , and special thanks to Pete for being the sea dragon whisperer!

Chris Fry 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: I recently completed my Deep diver certification with Go Dive Hobart. I can not fault the quality of service and the dedication they have to make sure everyone is safe and having a great time. The accommodation lodge is comfy. The boats are well maintained and the Instructors were excellent and know the area well I would not hesitate to recommend diving with Godive Hobart.

katie zarb 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: Best bunch of people who are super friendly and helpful! Friends and i did a three day open water course and we couldn't have asked for a better instructor to do our open water with, thanks Aaron. Would definitely recommend doing a course here if you are thinking about it, you'll have heaps of fun :)

tess van meekeren 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: Had the greatest weekend completing the PADI Open Water Dive Course! Our instructor Pete was absolutely fantastic! He showed a lot of patience and was a great teacher, I’m super exited to have completed this and can’t wait for more diving in the future! 100% recommend this course, it was awesome, thanks Go Dive !

Jordan Martin 3 years ago

Fantastic experience: Booked myself in for an advanced open water course with GoDive Tasmania. It included some gear rental, two nights at the Tasman Peninsula accommodation and most importantly an awesome and informative dive course to that prepared me for anything the ocean has to throw. Can't speak highly enough of the manager, Aaron; and the instructor, Peter. Both these gents are super knowledgeable and super friendly. Deep and cave diving in the beautiful Eastern Tasmanian water is the best thing you can do. 10/10 would dive again!

Lindsay Tannahill 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Our experience with Aaron and everyone at GoDive was exceptional. We did our PADI Open Water with them, and they helped accomodate our chaotic travel schedule. Everything was professional, kind, and we felt so safe throughout the process. We cannot thank our Dive Master Pete enough! He was so patient and we learned so much from him. Our other instructor, Dave, also had us laughing throughout our pool session. I’ll definitely be recommending GoDive to everyone, even if they have to travel from New Zealand or Canada to get there. Already planning how to get back there to do additional dive programs! Thanks again for an incredible weekend (oh and the exceptional gloves!)!

Matthew Rose 4 years ago

Fantastic experience: Go Dive is the best dive shop in Hobart, professional and friendly. Have done 3 courses with Aaron and Peter, they made pushing my own limits of diving feel safe and enjoyable with their professionalism and expert understanding of risks. They're also very easy to get along with making for very enjoyable trips, will definitely be extending my training and purchasing gear with them in the future.

William Butcher 5 years ago

Fantastic experience: Best diving crew/instructors in the world. Second to none gear available. Best weekend I've ever had! Couldn't recommend enough!

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