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Looking for the ULTIMATE Travel Adventure? Group Tours and Gap Year adventures in Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam & more.

 Explore amazing destinations, experience different cultures and make memories for a lifetime. Welcome to Ultimate Travel –  Gap Year and Group Adventure Tour specialists. Are you ready for your ULTIMATE moment?

At ULTIMATE, we believe that Gap Years and Adventure Travel are essential life experiences. We offer group tours, adventures & gap year travel for 18-35’s in Australia, New Zealand, Europe & Southeast Asia! 

We have countless travel styles throughout Australia. Create a custom itinerary perfect for you, or join us on one of our popular East Coast Group Tours.  Thinking about a Working Holiday down under? Our iconic UltimateOz Working Holiday program is award winning and is the Ultimate way to set up your Gap Year. Are you wanting to experience new culture, food and adventure? We also offer Guided Group tours in Bali, Vietnam and Thailand, and Adventure Experiences and Custom Itineraries throughout Southeast Asia.

ULTIMATE tours are all about exploring incredible destinations, experiencing new cultures and making lifelong memories; all with a group of new mates! Whether you’re travelling solo or with others, you’re guaranteed fun & adventure on our awesome guided group tours!

Experiences are better shared. When you join an ULTIMATE tour, you’ll meet travellers from all over the world and make great friendships that will last a lifetime! Chat to others booked onto your tour before you leave home and share the adventure with your new mates from day one!

Booking with ULTIMATE is easy! We wont charge you any fees to change your trip to a different date or tour if you do so 14 days before your start date. Lock in your start date with a LOW deposit. Deposit now, and pay the final balance 45 days before your start date.

We believe in supporting the local environment, economy and people in the areas we visit. We’re big nature lovers and only work with companies who share our core values, including caring for wildlife which is why we don’t ride elephants on any of our tours. The world is a beautiful place, lets keep it that way!



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ULTIMATE Travel: Reviews

5/5 (53 Reviews)
Lenn Stölzl 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: Travelling with Ultimate is the best way to see the East Coast. I‘ve been on the 6 week tour and it was just awesome. I made friends for life and I will never forget this trip. Big shoutout also to our tour guide Jon, give this man a raise!

Matthew Hardy 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: Some of the best weeks of my life. I’m not normally one to exaggerate things but it’s safe to say this ultimate tour was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done, made all the better by my amazing group and awesome tour leader Kate who made us feel comfortable start to finish.

Maddison Lidstone 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: My boyfriend and I have just finished the 1 week tour. It was absolutely amazing, met the great people and our tour guides Brad and Jenna were the best. They were informative, encouraging and just genuinely great people. I would highly Recommend this to anyone coming to Sydney

Carmen Collins 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: Just finished the one week tour in Sydney ⭐️⭐️⭐️Our tour guides Sophie & Manny were amazing, made sure everyone knew what they were doing and offered support for us after Felt comfortable within the first 5 minutes, it’s so easy to make friends because everyone’s in the same position. Feel way more prepared to find work all over Aus after all the advice we were given & made memories for life, my favourites were the sunrise swim at basecamp & swimming from the boat to a small beach in Sydney. Would recommend to anyone, I’m on a tight budget with travelling but this was worth every penny!

Emily Stephens 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: Finished the three week east coast highlights tour about a week ago and it was honestly incredible. Our tour guide, Sophie, was amazing, making sure everyone always felt included and that they were having a good time - honestly made the experience so much more enjoyable!!

Jenny Bradley 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: The 6 week east coast tour is the best trip I’ve ever done! Thanks to our trusty tour guide Chris (aka Luigi) everything was well organised and so much fun. I’ve fallen in love with Aus thanks to these last 6 weeks, thanks Chris !!!

megan mein 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: I did the 6 week tour of the east coast with ultimate travel and it was the best 6 weeks ever!!! The whole tour was amazing, our tour guide Danny was truly amazing he made the experience 100% better, we couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide. If you’re thinking of booking it do it you won’t regret it!!!

Reece Wimpress 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: My 6 week east coast tour has just came to an end and it has by far been the best 6 weeks of my life. I have met so many great people and to be able to share the tour with these people has been an absolute privilege. Also a huge thank you to the tour guide Danny. He made such an effort with every individual and ensured that we travelled up the east coast with no problems and got us from A to B without any hassle. He is such a genuine, kind, person and really made this tour special for everyone. Thank you again Danny! Lastly, can’t recommend ultimate travel enough, it was an incredible experience and was worth every penny.

Elena Bradley 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: Just completed the 5 week East Coast Adventure and can honestly say the experience would not have been as amazing without the work of our guide George! He effortlessly coordinated 24+ adults through 5 weeks of travel and made every single person feel comfortable and accounted for. Aside from smashing the practical elements of his job he also was consistently positive, engaged and made effort to be socially intuitive to the needs and worries of the group. He reassured, listened, encouraged and supported every single one of us when we needed it to ensure the group not only had their practical needs catered for but also had the best possible experience with Ultimate Travel. I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life on this trip: swimming in a rainforest river while it poured it down being one of them!! Seeing breathtaking beaches, snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef and watching the sunset from a sailing boat in the Whitsundays to name a few. Only thing to mention is the trip inevitably centres itself around partying and going out at times - however - me and my friends aren’t huge drinkers and George definitely accounted for this - we were always made to feel comfortable opting out of these kinds of activities and he always made the effort to suggest alternative things to do in each city. PS whatever you do - opt in for the scenic flight over the Whitsundays. Every single person that experienced this agreed it was one of the most magical moments of their life… Big thank you to George ! X

Mairead N 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: Just finished up the 3 week tour from Sydney to Cairns. Had the most amazing time and got to do so many great activities along the way. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. Our tour guide Sophie was an absolute star and played a huge role in making the experience what it was. She went above and beyond to make sure every single person was getting the most out of their trip. She always ensured things were running smoothly and constantly kept us updated on the daily sending messages to the group chat multiple times a day making sure we were all in the loop as to what was happening. Anything that went wrong she would find a solution quickly. No doubt she played a huge role in making the trip as good as it was.

Stephen Ryan 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: Had an amazing week in Sydney and Port Stephens with these guys! Our tour guides Sophie, Leoni and Manny were great fun. Always making sure we had the best time and organising everything. Great vibes from them all. Would definitely recommend! Thanks guys

Abbie O'Brien 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: Just finished the 3 week east coast highlight tour , would highly recommend to anyone and a big shout to our leader Sophie ❤️ we couldn’t have asked for a better guide, she was always up for having fun but also made sure everyone was looked after throughout the trip.

Julia Koster 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: These last 6 weeks were fantastic. I enjoyed every moment of it. Danny was the best tour guide I could have imagined. He cared about every one of us. If your thinking about travelling the east coast choose ultimate

Amelia Burrell 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: I can’t possibly put into words how much I've enjoyed the past 6 weeks travelling the east coast. I can genuinely say I’ve made friends and memories for life. The biggest thank you must go to our tour guide Danny who I now consider a good friend and someone I share some of my favourite memories with (especially jumping 15,000 feet from a plane)! Couldn’t recommend ultimate travel enough!!!

Will Linton 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: I’ve just finished the 6 week East Coast Explorer + Explore Sydney and it was incredible! Our tour guide Chloe really made the trip so easy for us and she showed us all the best sights and things that backpackers really want to do, really felt as though our experience was put first which made the trip for me. Loved where the tour went as well, simply couldn’t fault what we did at all - would highly recommend!

Alex Johnson 5 months ago

Fantastic experience: I have just finished a 6 week East coast explorer tour with UT, and can highly recommend it. You do have to pay extra for most of the activities, however some major ones (e.g Fraser Island, The Whitsundays, Great Barrier reef snorkeling) are included in the price. For me the value of this trip came through the amazing group that you travel with, as well as the ease of travelling up the coast - thanks to our amazing tour guide Jenna. I did not have to worry about anything apart from keeping my bags with me. Jenna provided amazing, in depth instructions every day, as well as recommendations on what to do with our free days so we never felt lost or bored. She was also extremely responsive, answering pretty much any question within minutes - And I know our group threw a lot at her. She also went to extra effort to organise birthday nights, as well as other fun group activities that came about depending on the general mood of the group. This tour is very social, and the itinerary, especially in the second half, is pretty mental. It can be exhausting if you do most of the activities, as well as go out to drink, and there are points where it feels like you haven't had time to yourself for days. The experience is well worth it but it is something to keep in mind if you need a lot of recharging. Overall I'd highly recommend this tour for the experience, friends, and ease of travel.

Sola Cotton 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: Did the 5 week tour with Rhys and 25 amazing people! Would recommend rhys as non of us would have made it to cairns without him. Had the best few weeks, so many memories and friends for life. Definitely would recommend doing a tour with ultimate travel and specifically Rhys

Bethany George 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: I have just finished the six week east coast ultimate tour and I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life. The whole trip was packed with with amazing trips and activities, like skydiving in mission beach, bungee jumping in cairns and snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. The whole trip is planned for you which makes the travelling relaxing and fun. The only thing that made the tour better than it already would have been was out amazing tour guide Luke. Luke was both professional and fun throughout the whole trip. He went the extra mile by booking group meals, arranging theme nights and played a massive part in bringing the whole group together. His constant positive energy and attitude made everyday the best day it could’ve been. I definitely would recommend ultimate travel and Luke to anyone.

Emma Claire 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: I had the best time time on my 6 week tour! It was honestly the most amazing thing I have ever done and I’m so glad I did it with ultimate. Luke was our tour guide and he sorted everything! We never had to worry about anything as he was always organised and did it all for us. Was honestly a stress free time and I couldn’t have done this tour without him. He made everyone feel welcomed and kept us all together. We have all made friends for life. Thank you Luke!

Bridget Jones 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: I had an amazing time on my 6 week tour. The tour was well organized. Our guide, Rhys, was efficient and worked hard to make everyone comfortable Really you could say he's the best guy in the whole wide world.

Julia Mendes 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: My Boyfriend and I just finished our 6 weeks east coast Australia Tour and really would recommend it to everyone who wants to see the most beautiful places at the east coast. The acitivities and views were stunning and we had so much fun at this trip. Special thanks to our awesome tour guide Makindi who was always there to let us know what would happen at the tour. She was spreading so many positive vibes and made sure that anyone connected with our group and had the best time of their life. However when you traveling as a couple or single it's great anyway. After a few weeks we felt like a big family, because of many group activities we were free to join.

James Ferrand 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: Josh was a great group leader, always made everyone feel involved and safe at all times! Always was helpful and sorted any problems that arose during the tour! I feel like I made a friend this tour not just meeting a tour guide! Anyone who has him is lucky!

Imelda Hegarty 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: Just finished the 5 week East Coast trip and it was amazing from start to finish! Lake McKenzie on Fraser, the sunset while sailing the White Sundays and snorkelling in Great Barrier Reef were the highlights. But every locations and activity were bucket list moments. Our tour leader Rhys was fun, informative and enthusiastic about every location and helped make 25 random people close by including everyone in activities and group nights out. He also couldn’t do enough to help me get through a tough family loss at home. The East Coast trip is great option for those wanting to travel with the same group of people making stays in shared hostel rooms comfortable having familiar faces that look out for you!

Kaylee Gay 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: I have just finished the 6 week east coast explorer tour and could not recommend it enough! The itinerary and activities are amazing and the extra experiences are unreal. All travel and accommodation being sorted for you is such a big help and moving with a group makes it so much easier to make friends! Big thanks to our tour leader Kate who really did make this time the best of our lives :)

Annie Shewell-Cooper 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: Had the most amazing time on the 7 week east coast tour. Honestly couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to experience this with, made friends for life and made the best memories. A special mention to our tour guide Kate, who made the experience so fun. Highly recommend to anyone looking to explore Aus! If you’re lucky you may get Kate as your tour guide too ;)

Eve McIntosh 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: I have just completed a 6 week tour up the east coast. The experience has been unforgettable. Rhys was a legend through out, successfully getting us from A to B. He always provided the tour with a quick laugh and him being Australian only added to the experience as it made it much more authentic, truly giving the group the Aussie experience. He constantly tried to cater for everyone in the group, ensuring everyone was having fun. He always got involved in the group and by the end of the tour Rhys had truly became one of the girlies

Lily Thorneywork 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: I went on the 5 week east coast tour of Australia which was unbelievable, everything was planned for me from hostels to travel to activities and it made making friends so much easier! I would recommend this tour to everyone when travelling on your own I’ve made best friends for life. My tour guide was Luke and he was as much part of the friendship group as he was our tour guide, he made sure everyone was involved and enjoying themselves, helped to avoid groups forming but also accommodated to those who clicked and helped to sort rooms fairly. We’ve made memories for life! Thankyou so much.

Fenn Ferguson 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: Jumping on a plane to come to Australia by myself was one of the most daunting things that I have ever done. I joined the East Coast tour with Mimi being the tour guide and I couldn’t have been more blessed if I tried. I’ve had the best 5 weeks of my life! I have experienced so much and Mimi encouraged me to try and experience things I perhaps wouldn’t have done on my own. I feel like she’s really helped me grow as a person. The tour is jam packed full of activities and unbelievable experiences. I’m so sad the tour has come to an end, you really do become a family by the end of it. Would recommend the East Coast tour to anyone.

Quinn Heederik 6 months ago

Fantastic experience: I did the 6 week East Coast tour in Australia and had the best time of my live! From the first till the last day the guide Sander did everything he could to make sure we had a good time. He knew a lot about the places we were going to and he had loads of recommendations for each city. I could not have wished for a better tour guide then Sander. Along the way we met another tour guide (Josh) that worked for the same company, he did the same part of the tour as us. Even tho we where not part of his tour he still made sure we were having a great time. I would recommend it to everyone!!

Maryam Arbane 7 months ago

Fantastic experience: Did the one week Ultimate Oz tour which was intense but such a laugh. Our tour guide George is amazeballz he brought more energy, more passion, more footwork to the group ;) as well as being super informative at all the destinations we went to. Big love and would highly recommend! Look at the piccys we got...

Jaime Thompson 7 months ago

Fantastic experience: Just finished a week tour with Ultimate travel. The week was amazing and so much fun, We had the best tour guides George, Matty and Ryan. They were super fun and full of knowledge and couldn’t have wished for a better week with them.

Maddy Frost 7 months ago

Fantastic experience: Had the BEST 5 weeks on the east coast adventure tour with our wonderful guide Emma! The itinerary was super busy but we saw and did so much and made friendships that will last for years. Emma was the BEST, organising everything and giving us all the information and tips we’d need over the 5 weeks. An ultimate legend! Didn’t want it to end xxxxx love u lots little maple leaf x

Zoe Berry 7 months ago

Fantastic experience: I did the 3 week highlights tour and I would 100% recommend. Our tour guide Danny made the whole experience incredibly fun and memorable, I had the most amazing time with the most amazing people.

Klara Weyand 7 months ago

Fantastic experience: We booked the Ultimate Travel Package and travelled from Auckland to Paihia. Our travel guide Lisa was amazing!! We started in Auckland with activities like a city tour and a welcome dinner :) During the week we travelled up the coast to Cape Reinga. The views, the people and the journey in total were fantastic. The week ended with a pub crawl which was so much fun! Lisa was the perfect tour guide, she helped us so much and became a good friend :D

lisa 7 months ago

Fantastic experience: I went on the one week tour in Sydney and it was a great start in my working holiday experience. We had a lot of fun with our tour guides Maik and Makindi and saw some amazing places in Australia :D

Elle Benfield 7 months ago

Fantastic experience: I’d never been on a tour before or even travelled to Australia so I wanted to choose a company that would put my mind at ease and ultimate travel did just that! I’ve met the most amazing group of people and shared experiences that were just unreal, I’d also like to thank our tour guide Danny, he offered support, guidance and encouragement the whole way through the 3 week east coast tour. If it wasn’t for him my trip would be entirely different and I’m thankful that we shared it with him ✨

Anisha Blades 7 months ago

Fantastic experience: Where do I even begin! This tour has been absolutely incredible and a lot of that is down to the most amazing, helpful, and perfect tour guide DANNY! If you ever get the chance to do the East Coast Highlights tour with Ultimate - that I would recommend to ANYONE - you will not regret having Danny as your tour guide. I honestly feel I have made a friend for life, and so will anyone that meets Danny. He is full of life and so do so helpful, he truly made our trip a once in a million opportunity and so many memories I will treasure forever. I could go on about how amazing he is, but the trip itself is absolutely stunning and needs to be experienced by everyone! My highlights have to be driving on the sand in Fraser Island and sailing around the Whitsundays, but the rest of it was absolutely incredible. Every single minute!!!

Beth Nuyts 7 months ago

Fantastic experience: I have been a week in Sydney now and I really liked it so far ! We visited a lot of places and did a lot of activities. I enjoyed every moment. Our guide Sophie is amazing at her job and I wouldn't want anyone else to guide me here in Sydney!

Amber S 8 months ago

Fantastic experience: Just completed the 1 week introduction to Australia in Sydney as part of the ultimate oz jobs package, and can honestly say it was one of the best weeks of my life! The trips are so well organised so that you get to see so many amazing things while also having time to rest and socialise with your group. Our guides Maik and Ryan (and Rhys) were the absolute best, always had an answer for any questions we had, looked after us very well and made it so fun - thank you! :) And a big thanks to Dec & Adam in the office too, who helped set us up for life in Oz!

Jack Sarg 8 months ago

Fantastic experience: **THREE WEEK EAST COAST TOUR** I was apart of the three week east coast highlights tour. Our tour guide Luke was amazing say the least. From start to finish he assured everyone with every small detail. Booking’s and reservations with all travel times. His organisational skills left us with a stress free experience. These three weeks have been an amazing experience. I have met what feels like a huge family and again this is a huge props to Luke for being the glue in all our experiences. As a tour guide I felt like I could approach him for anything. He’d attend to anybody’s needs and always put the group first! If anybody is thinking about a tour in Australia I’d highly highly recommend Ultimate and especially with Luke as a guide! Overall a 10/10 experience. One I’ll never forget! Below are just a very small portion of the pics and highlights.

Payton Vollmar 8 months ago

Fantastic experience: Had the best week in Sydney with our guide Sophie!!! She was so welcoming and I felt like I could count on her with any worries or questions. So comforting to have when away from friends and family. Sophie is such a sweet and bubbly person, such a perfect fit for her role! We all loved her and were so sad to say goodbye. She helped us to all bond and connect in just a short week. Definitely will never forget her!

Eve Hellen 8 months ago

Fantastic experience: Had the most insane time on our one week tour! Met some amazing friends and our tour guides Sophie, Callum, Jenna and Anna were incredible! They were all so supportive and went above and beyond in every way, I'm definitely going to miss it!

Alison Hearld 8 months ago

Fantastic experience: I recently went on the Australia East Coast tour for 6 weeks and had the most amazing time! We did so many activities within the time and love how everything was organised so I didn’t need to stress about what to do or how to get there. My highlights were the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island. I felt so welcome in the group and made some lovely friends on the tour! Our tour guide Maik was wonderful and also had a drone so we got really good pics of the places we visited! Anna, Danny and Makindi were also really great! I would definitely do another guided tour again, very happy with my overall experience :)

Alfie Latham 9 months ago

Fantastic experience: Just finished the 3 week tour with Archie as the guide and had a brilliant experience. My highlights were definitely Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island and the surf lesson! Highly recommend.

Katie Fitzgerald 9 months ago

Fantastic experience: I have completely the one week Ultimate Oz job tour. I had the best tour guides Danny, Makindi, Anna and Maik that I could have asked for and gave us the best trip possible! Which made me book onto the 5 week east coast tour! They assisted me with my CV, Medicare and made themselves available for any questions and advice!

Drew Bowker 9 months ago

Fantastic experience: I had an unforgettable 3 week East Coast tour with Ultimate Travel. It was smooth running and all the included activities were great. My tour guide Archie was always helpful and hilarious (lightweight though)

Hannah McEnaney 9 months ago

Fantastic experience: The 5 Week East Coast tour with Ultimate is pretty damm Ultimate. The itinerary, the experiences, the opportunities, make the tour, but what really makes the tour is the tour guide. Our tour guide Libby, did nothing but go above and beyond for us and our group. Her constant energy, enthusiasm and passion for travelling and the amazing country Australia, are just the top of the cake. Her knowledge, support and care for each and every member of the group was just flawless. From the 2 months I have been over here in Australia, I already have the urge to start planning when I am coming back and wanting to do even more tours, especially Ultimate ones.

Jessica 10 months ago

Fantastic experience: I’ve had a really amazing week in Sydney with ultimate , they’ve helped me loads with living in Australia ! Our tour guide Luke was so much fun and always brought good vibes and interesting info. Would recommend this trip! You can see the pics below from the walks and tourist spots!Pub crawl is also chaos and fun!

Katie H 11 months ago

Fantastic experience: Honestly can’t recommend Ultimate Travel enough! So helpful, welcoming and fun! Thank you so much for helping me start out in Aus and providing me with all the knowledge I need! A personal thank you to Danny my tour guide who made me feel so welcome from the moment I walked into the office! The experiences are so amazing and having it all organised for you makes the journey so much easier! It’s a great way to meet such amazing, fun and wonderful individuals who I’ll never forget! Again, thank you to everyone who has helped me (Danny&Sander) and thank you for the best week ever!❤️

Erik 11 months ago

Fantastic experience: If you want the trip of your life along the east coast of Aussie, do not look any further! Our tour guide Kate Martin did an amazing job by making the trip as smooth as possible, whilst participating in the group. We all got the freedom we wanted on a trip like this, and received the perfect amount of information about activities, e.g. departure time and stuff to take with us. If you decide to book your trip with Ultimate Travel, I hope Kate will be your guide. She is amazing.

Beth Kealey 11 months ago

Fantastic experience: The East coast tour with Ultimate was well and truly amazing. Our tour guide Chloe made everything so stress free, fun and truly was the glue of our group! The optional activities are amazing. (Would be great if they were listed with a price in the description before u book.) all of the Hostels are good and some are just amazing super clean and good places. Everything in the itinerary was set out well and really enjoyed included activities like Fraser, Whitsundays and day tours. My tour guide even got Tattoos with me mid bar crawl! Pretty ultimate. Thank you Ultimate and especially Chloe!:)

Abby M 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: I recently finished the 6 week tour and can’t recommend it enough, you literally just turn up and everything else it done for you. You do so much and visit the most amazing places. Also guaranteed to make friends! Shoutout to Ben, our very special, patient & coolest tour guide ever. He had a lot on his plate with us lot and thankfully was super relaxed and brought us all down to earth, miss him already x

Jazmin Gammon 1 year ago

Fantastic experience: Couldn’t recommend Ultimate anymore! A friend & I booked the East Coast Highlights tour and loved it. 3 of the best weeks of my life! Our tour guide Emily was amazing - she made the trip so smooth & easy, such a positive person and always went the extra mile to make sure we were okay and having fun! Also so knowledgeable about Australia which really helped with any questions we had. I’m so happy I booked the tour I now have memories I will cherish forever!

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